Certified Staff

Teaching with LPOSD

Our District has attracted teachers from all over the country, with experiences as varied as the day is long. 45% of our teachers have taught in our District for 10+ years. Many staff in our District are alumni, having sought education/experience elsewhere, and been drawn home by all that our area and District has to offer.

Teaching positions which are 0.5 FTE or greater are considered full-time and eligible for benefits. The full-year contract is for 190 days. Current vacancies are listed on the LPOSD Online Application site.

LPOSD Administrators

Each school is led by a Principal who uses leadership and administrative skills to improve student academic performance, and social and emotional development. The Principal supports all staff in meeting student and individual academic needs, and promotes a supportive school climate for students, families and staff.

Certified Specialists

Student success is supported daily by School Counselors, School Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists and School Nurse. Specialists provide needed support and guidance to students and families to establish and meet individual student goals for success.

Specialists coordinate services to meet student needs with Administrators, classroom Teachers, support staff, families, students, and when needed, external agencies.


Instructional (Teachers), Administrative and Pupil Personnel (Certified Specialists) staff in Idaho must hold an active Idaho Certificate, with endorsement in the grade level/subject area in which they are employed.

Qualifications for a Certificate in Idaho:

        • Idaho Code § 33-1202 Eligibility for Certificate
        • Idaho Code § 33-130 Criminal history checks
        • IDAPA Idaho Educator Credential

Idaho Certificates are issued for:

  • Standard Elementary
  • Standard Secondary
  • Blended Early Child Education/Early Childhood Special Education
  • Exceptional Child (Special Education)
  • Pupil Personnel Services (i.e. Counselor, School Psychologist, Nurse, Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Administrator

Contact the Idaho State Department of Education for details on applying for/renewing your Idaho Certificate.